stark [ stark ] adjective usually before noun
1. ) used for describing a building or scene that is very clear and plain to look at, often in a slightly unpleasant or frightening way:
She disliked the stark brick walls and the steel window frames.
The hill formed a stark silhouette against the sky.
2. ) used for describing an unpleasant fact or situation that is very obvious or impossible to avoid:
stark reality: Too many community leaders seem unable to grasp this stark reality.
stark choice: The stark choice is between moving out or staying here and paying more.
a ) extreme and obvious:
There still remained one stark difference between the two men.
in stark contrast: His words were in stark contrast to what he had said earlier.
stark naked
used for emphasizing that someone is not wearing any clothes at all:
The child was stark naked in the bathroom.
stark raving mad INFORMAL
completely crazy
╾ stark|ly adverb:
The bare trees stood out starkly in the snow.
These figures starkly illustrate the poor performance of the U.S. economy.
╾ stark|ness noun uncount

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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